Highlights from EuroConference – Communications

On May 15, Kellen Europe, the European Branch of Kellen Company, held the 12th annual EuroConference in Brussels. The conference, which is the only ongoing professional forum dedicated to association management in Europe, is a must-attend for association executives there. Couldn’t make it this year?  We’ll share the highlights from Brussels.

Following the keynote address, the attendees selected from one of the three panels: “Communications,” “HR in Associations” or “Trends in Lobbying.”

The first breakout session,  “Communications: How to Combine Traditional and Digital Media in your Organization’s Communication Strategy,” included Florence Ranson, Head of PR & Communications, European Banking Federation (EBF), Lisa Boch-Andersen, Senior Director for Communications Europe, Microsoft and  Kristen Sukalac, Partner & Senior Advisor, Prospero&Partners and was moderated by Alexandre Dechaumont, Public Relations Director EurActiv. Each shared their organization’s communications strategies and how these times of economic uncertainty have influenced relations with media. Each panelist also shared a case study from their organization, available for review here: http://www.kelleneurope.com/2012_euroconference/presentations.php

Overall, the panelists gave these best practices for both traditional and digital media during their discussion:

  • Transparency is essential.
  • Be yourself. Let the personality of your organization and your people shine through.
  •  Be real, human and generous.
  •  Observe then engage.
  • Don’t expect people to come to you to find out what you think – you must go where conversations are already happening
  • Monitor discussions convened by others and research the views held by your network influencers.
  • Adapt your social media outreach strategy to your audience behavior.
  • Say and do things that release endorphins.
  • Provide added value.

Stay tuned for more highlights from this year’s EuroConference and be sure to check out the three presentations at http://www.kelleneurope.com/2012_euroconference/presentations.php

Nele Devolder
External Relations
Kellen Europe