You might have boxes of photos or archives of documents collecting dust in the corner of your office or in a neglected storage facility nearby. When you’ve got some down time this summer, break out the boxes and see what you can repurpose. Facebook’s introduction of the Timeline feature can give you a whole new way to use your old materials by creating Milestones.

Milestones are key moments in your page’s history. You can use it to tell an engaging story of your group and your industry as a whole. Your association might already have a “History” page on its website, which is easy fodder for your Timeline. Include the basics, such as date founded, any important restructures or mergers, rebrandings, or when your organization won an award.

Here are some other ideas for Milestones that you might want to add:

  • Date each chapter was founded. Include photos of founding members or the chapters’ individual logos. If they have individual websites or Facebook pages, you can link to them.
  • Successful events. Did you have a young Bill Clinton as your keynote before he was president? Include that photo of him at your podium. Bonus points if it’s in authentic black and white.
  • Fundraising milestones. What was your most successful fundraising event? When did you give your millionth dollar in scholarships? Have a picture of your president handing someone a giant check? Add it!
  • Add old newsletters and publications. You might be embarrassed to share anything with that outdated 1970s logo on it, but your members will get a kick out of seeing old collateral materials. They can see what issues were hot in the industry back in the day.
  • Important stats for the association. When did you association get its 100th, 1000th and 10,000th member? How did you celebrate your 50th anniversary? When was the first woman elected president of your Board of Directors?
  • Industry milestones. You don’t have to limit to just your association’s work. Was an industry leader featured on the cover of The New York Times advocating for your industry? Was there an important piece of legislation passed affecting your members? Find a way to represent it and add it to your Timeline.

The most exciting Milestones are the ones that include pictures. Facebook’s data shows that posts including a photo album or picture can generate twice as much engagement than other post types. When you have a large photo, make the most of it; use the highlight feature, which stretches it across two columns. To highlight a story, click the star icon on the top right of the post.

To learn more about how to use Timeline for your association’s page, visit

What unique Milestones have you added to your association’s Timeline? How else have you been taking advantage of the new features in Timeline?  Share your comments below!

Meredith Taylor
Assistant Account Executive
Kellen Company